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American Screen Corporation - About Us

Our Company

Our history dates back to the 1950's when a small company known as Bennett Mfg. Co. supplied the Florida building industry with manufactured products such as aluminum thresholds, door hardware, soffit ventilation screens, and other related products. During the sixties, fiberglass screening came into high demand and the company became one of the largest suppliers of screen in the country. In the 1970's the brand name SCREEN·TECH® was trademarked and SCREEN·TECH® screening became widely known as the leading supplier of premier quality products.


In 1983 Bennett Mfg. along with the well-known SCREEN·TECH® brand, became AMERICAN SCREEN CORPORATION. Today our company is one of the largest wholesale screening suppliers in both the domestic and export markets. We have thousands of rolls of screening always in stock for immediate shipment. Over the years we have also expanded our line of screen related products, and we are continuously diversifying to meet the growing demand in the industry, and to stay abreast with technological advances in order to create more sustainable, safer and comfortable products that will deliver the best end-user experience.


At SCREEN·TECH® we are dedicated to supplying our customers with:

  • The highest quality products
  • Options that will maximize comfort and performance
  • With proven solutions and competitive pricing
  • And we are devoted to responding to their requests with the fastest possible service

Customers such as homeowners, building owners, interior designers, general contractors, and the industrial and manufacturing sectors among others, come to us knowing that our experienced team members will always strive to provide reliable solutions to any screen and enclosure challenges, no matter how simple or complex these may be.

For decades we have been known as a trusted partner that constantly exceeds expectations, that stands behind the quality of our products, and especially that goes the extra mile to deliver the best product technology, performance, protection and innovation.

AMERICAN SCREEN CORPORATION: A business partner you can always rely on!

Our People

For over sixty years AMERICAN SCREEN CORPORATION the home of the SCREEN·TECH® brand has been known as a leading supplier of standard and specialty screen products, screen frame components, superior quality hardware and accessories, and an extensive line of other screen components among others.  We have also been known for our unparalleled industry insight, innovation and the quality of services that each of our team members delivers on a day-to-day basis.  Every person behind our company is an essential ingredient to our success, and the central part to our core values.  We are devoted to total customer satisfaction and to fulfilling our customers’ orders on time, efficiently and cost effectively.

We take great pride in mentioning that some of our staff members have been with our company for decades.  It is through their dedication, commitment and daily efforts to exceed our customers’ expectations, and to find appropriate solutions for their individual needs, that our company has gained a stellar standing, and the respect and admiration of our customers, business partners and other industry leaders.

Our company was built on a reputation of ensuring that our customers are well taken care of. We are therefore committed to working as a team and to consistently going above and beyond the call of duty to provide great customer service and personalized attention at all levels.


Experienced, reliable and caring team members!

We remain family owned and operated, and under our C.E.O.’s exemplar leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence. His dedication to customer satisfaction is our driving force for continuous improvement in all of our company’s dealings.  Today each team member within our company is devoted to staying abreast with all technological advances and design trends, to providing superior quality products and services, to supplying proven solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications, and to being a conscious, responsible and reliable company for many years to come.

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