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American Screen Corporation - Vents

With over 60 years of existence and an unrivaled reputation as the premier supplier of the most comprehensive product line of screens, screen components, screen frames, screen doors, patio extrusions, patio and door accessories, hardware, aluminum thresholds, handy-man shapes, coils, and vents among others, AMERICAN SCREEN CORP continues to keep a leading position in the industry for its personalized services and for delivering superior quality products that are proudly made in the U.S.A.


Backed by an experienced team, with our own manufacturing plant, and a large facility with thousands of items in stock and available for immediate shipping, our company is able to fulfill small to large scale orders for professionals in the construction industry seeking for reliable products, value, on time deliveries and a reliable business partner.  Whether it is for a commercial development, municipal or residential project, we stand ready to help our customers and to supply the appropriate products for the appropriate applications and achieve the desired performance, durability and protection.


Within our selection of vents we offer the following:

Louver vents: serve the important roll of allowing airflow through openings in buildings while protecting against unwanted elements including water, insects, airborne and debris among others.  Selecting the right product for the right application is key to acquire the desired performance, protection and even noise reduction from loud equipment when dealing with commercial or industrial applications. Our Louver vents are available in different shapes including round and rectangular, in different sizes and dimensions.

Screen vents: provide adequate airflow and ventilation within homes including in attics and stairways, resulting in energy savings and drying moisture that can breed mold.  Our screen vents are made with aluminum framing and with fiberglass mesh that is durable and insect resistant.  In addition, they are lightweight and have a surface mount design for easy installation.

Screen Tech USA carries a solution for every need!

Contact us and let our experienced staff members assist you in the selection of the products that will best suit:

Your unique construction requirements and specifications!

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