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Miami, FL 33126

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Miami, FL 33152-0218

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American Screen Corporation - Manufacturing

For over 60 years AMERICAN SCREEN CORPORATION has been proudly manufacturing a variety of innovative screen products for different applications and usage, keeping in mind that our customers are seeking to obtain multiple benefits and properties that range from sun protection and shading, to insect and pet control, energy saving, safety and privacy, agricultural netting, visibility, and better ventilation to list a few.


Whether it is for residential or commercial applications, our screen product line offers:

  • Leading technology
  • Superior quality
  • And the best there is in strength
  • Durability and safety.


Within the wide range of products that we manufacture we also offer the following:

  • Screen frames
  • Screen spline
  • Patio screen doors
  • Pre-hung screen doors
  • Patio extrusions
  • Patio doors and accessories
  • Screen vents
  • Louver vents
  • Kick plates
  • Push plates
  • Aluminum Thresholds
  • Miscellaneous hardware and many more.


Our SCREEN·TECH® brand has gained a prominent position in the industry and has set new standards for durability and versatility, making it the preferred option for our customers ranging from interior designers, general contractors, and other professionals seeking for the resistance of wear and tear that our products deliver when exposed to the toughest environments.  Our solutions are designed for a multitude of needs, and they require less repairs and maintenance than any other brand in the market.


AMERICAN SCREEN CORP is centrally located near the Miami International airport; this is a strategic location that enables us to fulfill our customers’ orders in a fast, cost effective and reliable manner, and to successfully serve the local and international markets that continuously select our company as the premier supplier of first class screen products.


In addition, we are equipped with a large manufacturing facility where we have the advantage to fabricate our products following good manufacturing practices, and rigorous standard operation procedures all in an effort to ensure quality, precision and durability in everything that we create.


We invite you to contact our company and experience an environment of friendly and professional customer service, and standards of excellence from beginning to end.

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