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American Screen Corporation - Screen Spline & Tools

At AMERICAN SCREEN CORPORATION we continue to be one of the largest wholesale suppliers for screens and screen products in both the domestic and export markets.  With a large inventory of products in stock and ready for immediate shipping, we are able to supply our customers in a variety of industries, including commercial, residential, and general contractors to list a few, with superior quality products that are always delivered on time, cost effectively and in a reliable manner.

Spline is a flexible cord that holds the window screen material into the screen frame when this is rolled into the groove.  Since it plays such an important role in window screens it is vital to select the right diameter, thickness and material to ensure that it works with the desired screen type, frame size and width of the groove.


Our company offers hollow smooth screen spline, and they are available in black, which is the preferred option to use for charcoal fiberglass and aluminum.  Other options come in gray color, which are preferred to use with bright aluminum and gray fiberglass.


Made of high quality, long-lasting vinyl.

It is hollow core for easy installation!

Screen Spline

Screen Spline

Additional screen spline tools include:

A variety of screen frame and corner locks, clips, tubular cross braces, friction hangers, screen pulls, loop latches with screws, step drill bit, tension springs, screen plunger assembly, screen rollers and many more.


We also offer a multitude of Spline tools for a variety of uses and applications including:

  • #650 Heavy Duty Red Spline tool with replaceable wheels
  • #651 Wood Handle Screen Spline tool
  • #652 Metal Handle Screen Spline tool  - all aluminum handle is easy to grab, comes with a concave wheel for round spline and a flat wheel for flat spline, long lasting nylon wheels, wheels use high quality sealed ball bearing rollers and can be easily replaced
  • #654 Screen Spline Plastic tool – perfect for small jobs, with easy grip handle, works with many different sizes of spline, convex and concave wheels for easy operation
  • #686 Spline Tool with Knife

#650 Heavy Duty Red Spline tool

with replaceable wheels

#651 Wood Handle Screen Spline tool

#652 Metal Handle Screen Spline tool

#654 Screen Spline Plastic tool

#686 Spline Tool with Knife

Screen Tech USA carries a solution for every need!

Contact us with your Screen Spline specific needs.

We have multiple convenient sizes to choose from, and endless options for replacing aluminum or fiberglass screening in frames that use a grooved channel.

Screen products are our specialty!

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