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American Screen Corporation - Screen Materials & Applications

AMERICAN SCREEN CORPORATION also known as Screen Tech USA, has been the supplier of choice for general contractors, retailers and glass professionals in search of screens, replacement parts and hardware for windows and doors used in commercial and residential applications.  For over 6 decades, we have been known as the screen experts with the fastest turnaround time and order fulfillment rate, which results from having the most complete and available inventory ready for immediate shipping.  Our customers know that we provide tailored solutions designed around their unique needs and challenges, and that we always respond with superior quality and innovative products that exceed the demands of the industry.


Within our screen materials we carry a wide variety of options including:





Galvanized Steel

The different materials that we carry can be used in a variety of applications depending on the desired features, protection, durability, strength and other construction requirements.  The different benefits these materials deliver include the following:

Fiberglass is a great option that is recommended for windows and doors, as well as for patio and door enclosures.  This material is known for its protection properties against insects, for being pet resistant, and especially because it will not shrink, rust or dent.


Aluminum is tough and durable. Its protective finishes prevent corrosion rust or mildew, and contribute to long life properties.  It is pet and tear resistant and also protects against insects.


Polyester has more stretch and is much stronger and longer lasting than fiberglass screen. It has a 10-year life expectancy

and is more resistant to pets, golf balls and other hazards.  It is the perfect option for areas where children or pets may push against a surface.



Bronze (90% copper, 10% zinc) delivers ultimate durability and long life, and is an effective way to control pests.  It is excellent for windows and porches, and it delivers a unique elegant charm.


Galvanized is mostly used for industrial and heavy-duty commercial applications. It is a tough zinc-coated steel that is stronger than fiberglass and aluminum.

Screen Tech USA carries a solution for every need!

Contact us.  We have superior quality solutions that deliver:

Strength, durability and protection all without sacrificing aesthetics!

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