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American Screen Corporation - Miscellaneous Hardware

Backed with over 60 years of experience in the industry, a large manufacturing facility, and thousands of products in stock and ready for immediate shipping, at AMERICAN SCREEN CORP we have endless capabilities and options to fulfill orders for a diverse product line of screen products, screen doors and frames, components, repair parts, miscellaneous products and quality window and door replacement hardware, all in an effort to assist our customers in the construction field to achieve their project goals, meet building regulations and industry standards.


Our products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and built with cutting edge technology and unmatched attention to detail, resulting in superior quality, performance and durability.  We strive to be a single source supplier and to respond to our customers’ requests with cost effective options, appropriate and proven solutions all within their desired time frame.


Our miscellaneous hardware department offers the following items in different sizes, materials, dimensions, shapes, diameters and lengths:

  • Wing clips
  • Swivel clips
  • Plastic clips
  • Vinyl lifts
  • Nylon lifts
  • Aluminum lifts
  • C clips
  • Zee clips
  • Wire tension springs
  • Flat tension springs
  • Hole-less tension springs
  • Slide latches
  • Snap-on nylon knob, nylon plunger
  • Tap-on aluminum knob, aluminum plunger
  • Threaded ball head screws
  • Wire loop latches
  • Swivel latches
  • Left hand – right hand awning clips for recessed screens
























Screen Tech USA carries a solution for every need!

Our ability to deliver as promised keeps us as the premier supplier for professionals in the construction industry!

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